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Name: Ali Saleh Mehdi AL Haddad

Date of Birth: March 1963 - Baghdad




· B.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, 1983.

· M.S. in Environmental Engineering, University of Baghdad, 1989.


Field of Work:


· 1990-1992        Director of Technical Affairs for Environmental Protection and Improvement Council of Iraq. 


· 1992–1993         Secretary of Environmental Protection and Improvement Council of Iraq.


· 1994 – 1997      Director of Studies and Environmental Protection Follow-Up Section, ministry of Health.


· 1997–2002         Director of Center for Protection of Environmental Resources.


· 2003 – Present   Director of Researches for National Center of Occupational Health and Safety (NCOSH).




· Prepared studies and reports related to Environmental Problems in Industrial, Agricultural and Service Sectors, and Presented Solutions Accordingly.

· Reported National Environmental Issues to the Council Secretaries of Numerous  Committees

· Coordinated environmental issues and actions between sub-councils at governorates, evaluated technical papers .

· Prepared draft Environmental Legislation and other regulations to be adopted by the Environmental Improvement Council.

· Followed–up on the Implementation of Joint Programs With United Nations Agencies (WHO & UNDP).

· Followed –up Environmental Division Activities at the governorates.

· Participate in numerous committees related to Studying Environmental Problems in Iraq.

· Participated in and facilitated numerous National on Environmental Development, to include Symposiums, Workshops and Conferences.

· Participated in many International and Regional activities in the field of Environmental Studies.

· Lectured numerous Environmental Training Courses.

· Published numerous scientific papers.

· Studied and Evaluated Environmental Impact Statements for different activities in Iraq.

· Prepared Environmental Statutes, Annual Reports concerning the evaluation of Environmental Resources in Iraq from 1997 to 2002.

· Participated with National Committee to prepare the Human Development Report from 2000 to 2001 under supervision of United Nations for Development in Iraq.




· Published more than nine scientific research papers on Environmental Studies.

· Published more than twenty five practical studies on Environmental issues.



· Won the Iraqi prize for Environmental Excellence in both 2000 and 2001. Received second prize in 2002.


Languages:  Fluent English & Arabic.


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