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Name:                       Mohammed Abdul Aziz Hussein

Date of Birth:           25.01.1956

Place of Birth:          Baghdad-Iraq

Marital Status:         Married (1 boy and 1 daughter)


Qualifications:          Bachelor of  Law – Baghdad University, 1978

                                  Diploma, Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




1975                      Started work at Ministry of Foreign Affairs


1980-1983             Diplomat, Iraqi Embassy in Dakar-Senegal


1983-1987             Diplomat, Iraqi Permanent Mission, Geneva


1988-1992             Legal Department, MFA


1992-1998             Counselor, Iraqi Permanent Mission, Geneva

                               Deputy Permanent Representative of Iraq for the

                               European Office of the UN, Geneva

                               Deputy Permanent Representative to the Conference  for Disarmament at the UN

                               Iraq's Consul General, Switzerland


1998-2001              Legal Department, MFA

                               Representative of MFA in the Council of Protection

                               and improvement of Environment in Iraq  

                               Director of Compensations Section dealing with UN                       

                               Compensation Committee on Gulf War UNCC

                               Director of Water Affairs Section

                               Director of International Legal Affairs


2001-2003                Iraqi Chargé d' Affaires, Madrid


2003                        Assistant Head of Legal Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Plenipotentiary

2004-2005(May)     Director General of Humanitarian Affairs Ministry of Displacement and Migration.




- Member of Iraqi Delegation to (6) UN General Assembly Sessions.


- Represented Iraq in several meetings of the 6th Committee of the General Assembly (Legal Committee).


- Member of several Iraqi delegations to the International, Regional and National conferences and meetings related to the Environmental Issues.


- Participated in several Conferences and Meetings in the United Nations in Geneva and New York in addition to those of the Arab League.


- Represented Iraq in several meeting of the 3rd Committee of the UN General Assembly.


- Member of Iraq's Delegation to the UN Conference for Disarmament.


- Member of the Iraq's Delegation to 10 sessions of the UN Human Rights Committee.


- Member of Iraq's Delegation to 10 sessions of the Sub-committee for the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities.


- Member of Iraqi delegations to ICRC meetings.


- Member of Iraq's delegation to 3 meetings of the International Conference for International Humanitarian Law (Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Organizations).


- Member of Iraq's delegation to several sessions of the International Labor Office/ International Labor Organization.


- Member of Iraq's delegation to several meetings of the WHO


- Member of Iraq's delegation to the International Conference for Human Rights, Vienna 1993.


- Member of Iraq's delegation to 3 sessions of the Preparatory Committee of the International Criminal Tribunal.


- Member of Iraq's delegation to several meetings of the UNHCR.


- Member of Iraq's delegation to the meetings of the Legal Committee of the Arab League, Cairo.


- Member of several Iraqi delegations to many countries on bilateral relations.


- Participated in many working groups for the revision and drafting of the Iraqi legislations related to the Environment in Iraq as a representative of the Legal Department in MFA.


- MFA's representative in the Technical Committee on Joint Waters (Tigris and Euphrates).


- Member of Iraqi Water delegations to China, France, Syria and Cairo.


- Participated in the establishment of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, with other partners from other countries and International Organizations.


- Member of the Iraqi delegation to the executive committee of UNHCR.


- Coordinator of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration (MODM) with UNHCR (Iraq Office) and International Organization for Migration IOM (Iraq office) and other international organizations and NGOs to assist and cover the issues of the people of concern to MODM.




Submitted many researches, studies and papers in different issues of my specialty within the Multilateral and Bilateral Relations.


Languages:      Fluent English, French & Arabic.


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