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Dr Fadel Mohammad Jawad Kathem- Member, Baghdad.


  • B.A. from the University of Baghdad in 1964.
  • Diploma in Public law from the University of Monolih-France 1974.
  • Diploma in Political Science from the University of Monolih-France 1976.
  • Ph D Public Law from Monolih- France 1978.


Iraqi Bar Association since 1964.

Professional Experience

Dr. Fadel is a pioneer in his field, he is engaged in the practice of law that centers on the international treaties and arbitration. Dr Fadel is a big contributor to many legal courses particularly in the Public law, and experience in the international Court of Justice and vast experience in litigation. His stream and popular experience in alternative dispute resolutions has earned him a well familiar name in the law field among colleagues. Dr. Fadel was heading the Ministry of Industry and Trade legal Department from 1978-1981. Dr. Fadel shared his law knowledge and experience by becoming a law professor in many Iraqi Universities in the field of Public law , beside being the president of the Tourath Colleges for 4 years he also was appointed as the legal consultant of the Iraqi Central Bank . His contribution and presence in the International arena has exposed him to the various aspects of the international law .

Areas of Expertise

  • Vast experience in contracting and drafting, negotiating commercial and trade agreements as well as International treaties.

  • Extensive consultancy on business and economic development.

  • Due to his long academic and professional career, Dr. Fadel is expected to contribute in the reform of the Iraqi legal system.

  • Unmatched experience in arbitration and international dispute resolutions.


Arabic, English, French.

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