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Dr Faik Ali Abdul-Rasool- Financial Consultant/Head of the Business Unit, Baghdad.

BA in Economics, University of Baghdad, 1962
MA in Economics, University of Massachusetts, USA,1965
PhD in Economics, University of Massachusetts, USA, 1970

Professional Experience

Dr Abdul-Rasool, who is a renowned expert in the financial and banking sector, started work as a researcher at the Central Bank of Iraq in 1970, becoming the Director General of the Research Department in 1974. He then served as Chairman of the International and Regional Organisation Committee and the External Relations Commission for the Council of Ministers until 1987. Between 1988 and 2001, Dr Abdul-Rasool held several important positions at the Ministry of Finance. He also held the position of Chairman of the Iraqi Fund for External Development until 2001. Since 2002, Dr Abdul-Rasool has been the Financial Consultant/ Head of the Business Unit at Al Dohan & Associates Law Firm.

Areas Of Expertise

• Vast experience in drafting commercial and trade agreements and protocols.
• Long experience in the cross-border financial sector including banking law.
• Immense knowledge and experience in Iraqi debt settlement.
• Extensive consultancy on business and economic development, both in Iraq and the Arab region.


• Sources of Change in Money Supply In Iraq 1950-1970, (the Economist, September, 1972) (English).
• Planning the Development of Iraq 1950-1968, (the Iraqi Committee for the ICC, 1973) (English).
• Iraq’s Relationship with International and Regional Organisations, co-author, (Planning Ministry, 1974).
• Safeguarding the Purchasing Power of Oil Revenues, (the Economist, 1975), (English).
• New International Economic Order, (Oil & Development, 1979).
• Arab Monetary Integration, co-author, (Arab Union Studies, 1981).
• Growth and Structural Change of Production in the Iraqi Economy, (OPEC Review, 1982), (English).
• The Effect of Inflation on Human Development in Iraq, (UNDP and the Iraqi Economic Association, January 1994).
• Annual Human Development Report in Iraq, 1995 (Iraqi Economic Association).
• Annual Human Development Report in Iraq, 2000 (co-author).
• Arab Joint Ventures: Between Reality and Ambition, (Dar Al Hikma, 2002).
• Export Credit Agencies in a Changing World, (to be published, 2003).


Arabic, English.


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