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Fawzia Omar Al-Nuaimy, Baghdad.


  • B.A. from Baghdad University, English Literature in 1962.
  • New Sorboonne, Paris III: Applied foreign languages: Translation: French/English/Arabic

-B.A 1978
-M.A 1980
-Post graduate diploma degree 1982
-Ph.D 1985

Professional Experience

-Ministry of Industry: Projects depts.
-Ministry of foreign affairs:

-The diplomatic institute - Baghdad
-The Iraqi embassy - Paris
-Translation dept - Baghdad
-Research dept - Baghdad

-Al-Mustansiria University: French dept.

English dept - Baghdad


Training Courses

  • Training course in the Unesco followed by a paper: How Unesco prepares conferences its conferences – Paris.

  • Plastic arts course: summer courses in the Sorboonne Paris III, the louver and the modern arts museums.


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