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Dr Maher Saleh Allawi- Associate, Baghdad.


  • B.A. degree in law from the University of Mustansiryya-Iraq 1971.

  • PHD from the University of Monolih -France 1977.


Iraqi Bar Association since 1971.

Professional Experience

Dr. Maher come from a background of more than thirty year of trial and judicial experience with alternative dispute resolution, Dr. Maher started a practice in 1971 devoted to selective representation of clients needing the services of a highly skilled trial attorney with a focus on the mediation and arbitration of all types of civil and commercial disputes. He also accepts a highly select number of cases for trial. He is board-certified by the Iraqi Board of Legal Specialization as trial lawyer. He also served as a law lecturer at different law schools in Iraq in the field of Public law. Dr. Maher is the president of the science law committee in the university of Baghdad from1996. Has established a well-known reputation in law researches, and has over 20 legal researches.

Areas of Expertise

  • Unmatched experience in litigation, long experience in alternative dispute resolution and has chaired several arbitration tribunals.

  • Extensive experience in family law and labour law.

  • Due to his participation in Marine conventions from 1980-1982, Dr. Maher is also skilled in maritime law .


3 University Text Books

  • Administrational Law, University of Mosul, 1988.

  • Administrative Resolution, 1991.

  • Introduction to Administrative Law, 1996.


Arabic, French.

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