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Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan- Founding Partner, Baghdad.


LLB University of Baghdad, 1947
Diploma in Public and Private Law, Montpellier University, France,1951
PhD on Tortious Responsibility in Iraqi and French Law, University of Paris I, 1957


Iraqi Bar Association, 1947

Professional Experience

Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan started his professional career as an investigating judge in 1947. After completing his PhD in France, he became a law lecturer at Baghdad University in 1957 becoming a law professor there in 1966. He then joined Al Mustansiriyya University (where he was appointed President for a period of time) and later Al Torath College. He was also the President of the Teachers’ Union for a two year period. During his academic career, which spanned forty-five years, Dr Dohan Al Hassan’s reputation was cemented as one of Iraq’s foremost authorities in the field of tort and the law of obligations, a position culminating in being responsible for setting law exams at state level. He also served as Minister of Information from 1967 to 1968.

In 1970 he founded Al Dohan Law Firm in Baghdad specialising in all aspects of the law. The emphasis has shifted during the years to cover company and commercial law, both contentious and non-contentious, banking, debt settlement, litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Dr Al Hassan is also renowned throughout Iraq for pursuing corruption and abuse of power cases against Iraqi officials, becoming one of the most sought-after lawyers in the field of administrative law.

With Dr Al Hassan’s long academic career, spotless reputation and well-known relentless pursuit of justice, he is now one of the most respected and trusted lawyers in Iraq.

Areas of Expertise

• Long experience in litigation and has appeared before Iraqi courts in multimillion dollar claims on behalf of Iraqi and non Iraqi clients. He has also represented individuals in a variety of civil and criminal cases.
• Vast experience in company law, including incorporating companies in Iraq and outside Iraq.
• Extensive experience in drafting commercial contracts, including agency contracts.
• Also, experience in drafting government bilateral agreements.
• Long experience in alternative dispute resolution and has chaired several arbitration panels in disputes involving Iraqi official bodies.
• Unmatched work in administrative law especially in the area of corruption and abuse of power.
• Due to his long academic and professional career and well-known integrity, Dr Al Hassan is well-placed for participating in the reform of the Iraqi legal system.


Introduction to Studying Law, first published in 1973
Sources of Obligations, first published in 1973


Arabic, French

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