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Al Dohan & Associates Law Firm was founded in Baghdad in 1970 by Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan as Al Dohan Law Firm and quickly established itself as a leader in the field of commercial, civil and criminal law. Due to our expanding workload, we set up a presence in Amman, Jordan at the beginning of 2002 where two of our Jordanian qualified associates practise.

Our firm in Baghdad is staffed by a team of  16 dedicated lawyers and other professionals and is well placed to assist foreign companies in setting up operations in Iraq, either independently or as joint ventures with local partners.  Furthermore, in recognition of the importance of providing a complete business service to our clients, we have set up a Business Unit headed by one of the most respected economists3 in Iraq. We are therefore unique in Iraq in that we can offer our clients an integrated service from incorporating companies to bringing legal proceedings in Iraqi courts.

Aside from our commercial practice, we have a thriving administrative law practice, where we have been at the forefront of pursuing Iraqi officials for corruption and abuseof power, an area we anticipate doing a substantial amount of work on in the future.

During Dr. Malik's post as Iraqi minister of Justice from the year 2004 until 2005. "Kuwait Airways" case against the Iraqi Airways was referred to him, consequently the chairman has a complete knowledge and detailed data and as a resultant, the firm decided to include "aviation and airlines Consulting" to their activities and services in addition to the good contacts with regional and international aviation and airlines legal consulting firms and individuals who have been involved in this case.

The services of the firm include Airline Privatization legal procedures, merger and alliances legal issues, aviation and airlines restructure legalized plans and procedures, private public relations legal issues and aviation legal management support.

We have developed an Environmental Law Practice team which includes the most experienced and successful environmental law attorneys, specialists, doctors and   engineers who have unique knowledge and experience in:

Environmental law, environmental litigation, toxic tort and class action suits, the attorneys in our firm offer extensive experience in:

쯦ont> Environmental auditing
Enforcement actions    
쯦ont> Revising and improving environmental law  
Environmental Litigation       
Legal consultancy for real estate and business related to environmental law    
Land development restrictions
Legislation and rulemaking

Our professional legal team can represent clients in all aspects of environmental law and environmental litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in environmental litigation matters, government enforcement actions, regulatory interpretations and administrative civil and criminal proceedings before the Iraqi courts and other environmental agencies.

Dohan law firm legal services team can provide you with the  evaluation of environmental impacts and liabilities associated with real estate and business transactions, including drafting indemnification and other contractual terms to protect against the impact of environmental and toxic tort liabilities. Our environmental law attorneys frequently assist clients in determining which environmental laws and regulations are applicable to their ongoing operations.

Our environmental engineers and experts can provide standards and guidelines for air and water pollution. They can provide guide lines and management of   waste water, chemicals and toxic waste.

We also offer a legal service to Iraqis and Iraqi expatriates relating to matters that are of concern to them, such as nationality, inheritance issues, real estate and disputes in Iraq.

Our knowledge of Iraqi law and procedure is second to none and we can therefore provide our clients, whether individuals or corporates, with the most accurate and up to date advice.

Our wide experience is reflected in the clients we represent including private and public commercial businesses, financial institutions and individuals.

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