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The Reform of the Iraqi Legal System

Although this is strictly not a practice area, but Iraq’s current exceptional circumstances warrant mention of this issue.  We share many renowned legal experts’ opinion that the reform of the Iraqi legal system should come from within, in collaboration with outside jurists and legal scholars.  We are concerned with bringing accountability in Iraqi society and fostering integrity and independence in its legal circles.  This will inevitably be a gradual and difficult task, but we believe that with the correct amendments to Iraqi laws and the necessary retraining of lawyers, the rule of law and respect for human rights will become the norm in Iraqi society. 

Most of our Baghdad firm members had studied in Iraq and abroad and have had long and flourishing careers in Iraq.  This, coupled with our detailed knowledge of the everyday legal, social and economic difficulties that face the ordinary Iraqi citizen, makes us an ideal partner in this process.  Our lawyers’ presence of over 40 years on the Iraqi legal scene has made us better able to pinpoint and address the weaknesses in the Iraqi legal system than any other group of lawyers.  With our firm’s credentials, reputation for honesty and willingness to take on new challenges, we are well suited to take part in this monumental task.

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