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Sabah Saeed- Business Consultant/Business Unit, Baghdad.


BA in Accountancy & Business Administration, Mustansiriyya University, 1971

Professional Experience

After starting out work at the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr Saeed became the Assistant General Manager of the Contracts and Loans Division there from 1986 until 2001. During his long career, he became well versed in the conduct of negotiations, international trade and finance as well as foreign debt management. Mr Saeed also has vast experience in inter-state contracts, often representing the Central Bank of Iraq opposite other governments. He joined Al Dohan & Associates Law Firm in 2001.

Areas of Expertise

• Vast experience in banking and finance.
• Vital expertise in debt settlement.
• Long experience in negotiating contracts especially at state level.
• Brings a wealth of business-minded experience to all levels of commercial negotiations.


Arabic, English

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