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 Winning of Dr. Malik Al- Hassan


 Dear valuable clients & Colleagues: We are happy and privileged to announce to you the winning of Dr. Malik Al- Hassan as the President elect of the first democratically election for the Iraqi Bar Association post. He won the election against 28 running candidates. Dr. Malik proven record of success and accomplishments for his country and fellow man has won him the trust of his people, which in return has won him the post of the President elect of the Iraqi Bar Association. Dr. Malik professional life has been dedicated and still is for the improvement of the Iraqi legal system where his rich knowledge was acquired through the various professional positions, which he held throughout his spotless carrier years. Some of the fundamental head positions which Dr. Malik held were teaching law, practicing law, and the position of the Minister of culture and media (1966-1968). In addition he researched and published several books on law. His current position will assist in enhancing his leadership abilities towards leading the Iraqi legal system for brighter and democratic future where freedom, liberty, and the protection of human rights under the law are his priorities. He believes that only through education, unity, and working together is the gateway for better and prosperous Iraq. Some of Dr. Malik topics that were covered during his election campaign were, to cooperate with all the Iraqi organizations in order to secure and maintain the safety of all the people of Iraq in the shortest time possible. The demand for starting up with the formation of the newly elected government represented by all the people of Iraq. And - the demand to draft a new constitution, and the rehabilitation of the Iraqi bar associations and its members to meet up with the new Iraqi standards. Also to get the association involved with international associations to protect human rights, and to participate in international seminars and the development of a new image for the association. In addition he clearly and strongly objected to any external involvement in nominating candidates to run for any political positions in Iraq. It is his firm believes that Iraq has vast talents and intellect where there is absolutely no need for external interference or pressure to impose or appoint local individuals executing external agendas. Dr. Malik would like to assure all the people of Iraq that he will work so hard towards meeting and accomplishing his campaign promises in the best and most effective way he possibly can. His loyalty and efforts will remain as it has been for the past forty years dedicated towards serving all the people of Iraq indiscriminately to the best of his knowledge and experience. Finally we would like to apologize to our dear and valued customers for the delay in responding to some of your consultancy inquiries due to the election campaign which we were occupied with.


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